The world’s interconnected international carriers have a problem! How to justify the cost of running a fundamental part of the international call connectivity business; call termination services!

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The problem with International Wholesale Voice are the very low margins of recent years, with 2016 figures running at circa 1.5% – 2%, and as such not producing enough income to even provide breakeven against the cost of running the legacy support services that have supported International Wholesale Voice for many years. Legacy systems where the cost base for the sales, engineering and finance functions have been based on the margins generated 5 – 10 years ago.


To make International Wholesale Voice pay its way, carriers need to either; dramatically restructure their International Wholesale Voice business or look for “other solutions”.


“Other Solutions” is where AGL comes in.  Over the past 12 months the senior management team of AGL has developed a workable and profitable outsource capability for it’s carrier customers and as a result of this development, has been providing an efficient and profitable service for a major international PTT for the past 6 months. During 2015 AGL’s customers International Wholesale Voice was a net cost on the business, it is now not only covering its costs, but providing a viable and growing income line to the company accounts.


AGL has achieved this by taking the combined industry knowledge of the senior management team of nearly 100 years of experience within the Telecommunications Industry along with their strong, developed relationships with a vast number of international telecommunications carriers. AGL has combined this knowledge and relationships and built an internationally renown voice sales trading team working with the very latest cloud based technologies alongside its own internally developed networked support software.


It is this that has enabled AGL to provide a fully managed service solution that will obtain a market position of strength for its customers and swiftly turn cost to profit.


We achieve this unique position by combining aggressive rates with a high quality, service driven environment that separates AGL from most of its competitors and giving us the ability to deliver highly scalable, cost-effective tailored and profitable solutions to high volume international telecommunications companies requiring global termination at extremely competitive rates.